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The Lovecraft Suite

by Andrew Doss

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    This music represents the atmospheric horror soundtrack I hear in my mind as I read some of my favorite stories from H.P. Lovecraft.
    While each movement in the Suite is inspired by a particular story, my hope is that they will also transcend their own specific contexts and provide plenty of creepiness and imagination fuel to your own mental landscape! Play it on a loop as background music for your gaming and other activities. Happy listening, happy reading, and Happy Halloween!
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1. Cthulhu (00:00)
Imagine: An immense tentacled inter dimensional sea monster rises from the depths.
Inspired by “The Call Of Cthulhu”
Read It! - hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/cc.aspx

2. Shadow (03:45)
Imagine: Walking through a dilapidated sea side fishing village populated by evilly secretive fish people.
Inspired by “The Shadow Over Innsmouth“
Read It! - hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/soi.aspx

3. Priory (07:25)
Imagine: A cursed family castle infested with phantom rats and subterranean cannibalistic secrets.
Inspired by “The Rats In The Walls”
Read It! - hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/rw.aspx

4. Elders (11:44)
Imagine: An incredibly ancient and advanced race of giant and utterly non-humanoid beings who lived on Earth billions of years ago.
Inspired by “The Shadow Out Of Time” and “At The Mountains of Madness”
Read It! - hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/sot.aspx
Read It! - hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/mm.aspx

5. Non-Euclidean (14:47)
Imagine: A mathematician goes insane writing formulas on a chalkboard that open new dimensions.
Inspired by “The Dreams In The Witch House”
Read It! - hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/dwh.aspx

6. Fungi (18:26)
Imagine: Crab-like, super-intelligent alien creatures who populate the remote mountain and forest regions operating strange technology for mysterious purposes.
Inspired by “The Whisperer In Darkness”
Read It! - hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/wid.aspx

7. Trapezohedron (22:00)
Imagine: Gazing into a hypnotic crystal which opens doors to evil inter-dimensional creatures, driving the gazer mad.
Inspired by “The Haunter Of The Dark”
Read It! - hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/hd.aspx


released September 2, 2021
Music by Andrew Doss
Mixed and Mastered by Ed Rogers


all rights reserved



Andrew Doss Atlanta, Georgia

My music is electronic. Inspired by synthwave, influenced by bands like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, The Art Of Noise, Jean- Michel Jarre and music from 80s movies.

There are many singles and albums to come, so subscribe to me here, or on the music platform of your choice so you can always hear the latest drop. Thank you! www.AndrewDoss.com
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